Not dead yet
An old lady is working on a loss on her very specific own way
Jaap Keizerwaard's
Magic Organ

Jaap Keizerwaard built a huge electronic organ ...
Once upon a time
What would it be like, if ...
Eating money
Are You Full?
Which came first:
The Thought or the movement,
the will or the need?

Us and Them
A workshop for children

Pessimistic Cardinal Statements
Confronting the cliché
Readings with musical accompaniment

Who is the most beautiful?
Mirror, mirror on ...
Dance performance

The Fools´Tower ... or is it?
Confronting the cliché
message after the tone
Contemporary dance for a young audience
A new Alphabet
A Winter Tale
24 Hours in Vienna
A musical stroll through the city
deals with Zeitgeist, packaging and the best way to sell yourself

Asparagus Week
Cut-price Tombstones

Touched by Light ...
In the Beginning, there was Light
... and then came Dance


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