Jaap Keizerwaard's Magic Organ HD Video 16 Min., Austria 2012

Jaap Keizerwaard built a huge electronic organ which has been an organ-legend from the 60ies up to now. The documentary gives an overview of how an organ works and how the electronic components make the different sounds. It also shows the maker’s proud and pleasure with the achievements of HIS magic organ.

Emre Tuncer

Jaap Keizerwaard
Adri Keizerwaard
Piet Moons

L. v. Beethoven, Symphony Nr. 9
F. Schubert, Das Dreimäderlhaus (in H. Bert'es arrangement)
G. Bizet, Carmen

Bjela Proßowsky

Post production:
Studio Y68

Thanks to:
Margriet Keizerwaard
Harry Vermeulen


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